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The brooklyn based singer-songwriter and her band came together in early 2014, adding a rock sound to her lyrically driven style.  Even with the added instruments her intimate and personal voice is still very much a defining characteristic of their new music together.



Three Hundred Days, 2016

Ranging in genre from lush pop-rock ballads, to gritty uptempo electric folk, the album is a thematic exploration of world-wariness, and isolation, with a glimmer of practical optimism. Marriott’s vocals run the gamut from lamenting croons, to womanly, sustained declarations. Her keyboard work lays down a solid foundation of arpeggios, and a bed of harmony for her backing band to amplify and highlight. Crunchy guitars combine with imaginative and melodic bass lines, rich brass, and a supportive, classic kit backbone. The title track is a crescendo of pent-up emotion, culminating in an epic final chorus. The song “Gypsy Girl” serves as a sermon to ward off young women from disrespectful males. Perhaps the most narrative of the collection, “All of Our Dreams” tells the story of a Bushwick burglary, and the damage it leaves behind. “How Pretty You’ve Become” is a sneering, strongly-pulsed alternative rock whirlwind. A rockabilly attitude is adopted for “Little Darling,” about a baby girl with an alcoholic father, claiming “he chose the bottle over her”. “Next to Me” is a simply structured, infectious love song, in a rolling 6/8 format. The album is rounded out with “Memory is Fluid” a slow, sweeping dramatic song, where the ensemble squeezes out every last drop of heavy-laden sentiment. Simultaneously released with the album is Marriott’s “The Moment Before” music video, in grainy, raw, black and white, examining the sometimes fine line between temptation and destruction. 

All songs written by Isabella Marriott
Engineered by Gian Stone at Stone Recording
Mastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound
Album Artwork and Design by Lizzie Cuthbertson

Isabella Marriott- lead vocals, keyboard
Erik Bagger- guitar
Paul Harlan- bass, vocals
Richard Marriott- trombone
Angelina Marriott- vocals (next to me)

Red Leaves, 2014

Isabella Marriott, vocals, keys
Paul Harlan, bass guitar, vocals
Erik Bagger, guitar
Justin Han, drums
Angelina Marriott, vocals: Red Leaves, The Fix

All songs written by Isabella Marriott. 
Engineered by Gian Stone at Stone Recording. 
Mastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound. 
Photography by Emily Myerscough. 
Design by Isabella Marriott, Elizabeth Cuthbertson and Erik Bagger

Falling, 2013

Isabella Marriott, vocals, piano
Erik Bagger, guitar
Paul Harlan, bass guitar, vocals (Lullaby) 
Madeline Fendrick, vocals (Lavender and Honey, Locket) 

All songs written by Isabella Marriott
Recorded, mixed and mastered at The Doghouse NYC Studios by Nathan Rosenberg
Art design by Jenna Conant, 2013


Upcoming Shows


Previous Shows

8/19/2016 - 8/21/ 2016 - Leyla in The Passion Of Leyla by The San Jose Stage Company, San Jose, CA

7/21/2016 - Our Wicked Lady, Brooklyn, NY (Three Hundred Days Album Release Rooftop Party)

7/9/2016 - Sidewalk Cafe, NYC

3/23/2016 - LIC Bar, Long Island City, NY (w/ Shannon Sodurlund)

3/4/2016 - The Bitter End, NYC

1/7/2016 - The Bowery Electric, NYC (w/ The New Authentic)

11/5/2016 - Internation Pop Overthrow Fest @ Bar Matchless, Brooklyn NY

8/2/2015 - Pianos, NYC

5/5/2015 - The Bowery Electric, NYC

2/13/2015 - Pete's Candy Store, NYC

10/5/2014 - The Bowery Electric, NYC

5/24/2014 - Sidewalk Cafe, NYC

4/18/2014 - The Bowery Electric, NYC

1/24/2014 - Sidewalk Cafe, NYC (Falling Album Release Show)

9/20/2013 - De Young Museum w/ The Club Foot Orchestra & Pamela Z, San Francisco, CA

9/8/2013 - Freddy's Bar, Brooklyn, NY

5/25/2013 - Googies Lounge @ The Living Room, NYC

4/5/2013 - Freddy's Bar, Brooklyn, NY



The Moment Before

Official Music Video, Released July 21, 2016.  Directed, shot and edited by Erik Bagger.


Red Leaves

Official Music Video, Released October 9, 2015. Directed, shot and edited by Erik Bagger.

Additional footage by Lizzie Cuthbertson and Emily Myerscough


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